Getting Started

QUICK TO DO:  Contact Therese to schedule a consult OR 1st appt. & order materials



                                                                 2nd Step:  FOLLOW UP INSTRUCTION

                                                                     3rd Step: NaProTECHNOLOGY eval.




(Attend as a couple.   Teens welcome w/ parents)  Creighton Model’s scientific foundations of anatomy and physiology for an individual man or woman, and for a couple reviewed. Applications to various reproductive situations:  breastfeeding, infertility, subfertility, post Pill,  postpartum, long cycles, PMS, depression, ongoing discharge or heavy bleeding, postmiscarriage and premenopause are reviewed.   Learn how to make daily observations and what is covered in follow up instructional session.  A shared system, the couple is encouraged to take roles in family planning responsibilities, with a focus on building intimacy, in addition to the chart’s accuracy.  See the “2nd Step”, below, for full course of instruction.

1.  Holy Cross Hospital locations ( see @ right) – FREE

2. Emailed –  $8

3.   Private Intro (in person or LIVE online)   –  $60


  • Contact Therese ( ) to schedule your first session after 2 weeks of charting, for a session right at that 2 week mark. Sessions by FaceTime 301-512-7451, FertilityCareRN on Skype,  in person in Gaithersburg or Germantown, or at your location for a travel fee (option for fee waived; inquire within )
  •    Then, expect 4-5 basic ( 45 min. to 1 hr. ) follow up sessions over 1st 2 months ( every other week) for about 2 cycles or 60 days charted.
  • 2 months is standard time to bring enough daily charting to a NaProTECHNOLOGY doctor for review of women’s health concerns. Discussion with FertilityCare™ Practitioner can address a different personalized possible timeline, with help to empower your wishes to get started soon with medical evaluation!
  • 3 more follow up sessions every few months, completes a year’s educational training. Contact Therese before you see the doctor each time & arrange to have Therese available by phone or text while you are in your appointment, or afterward.
  • Appointments often set one at a time.  Materials kept contingent on attending follow up sessions.
  • $60/ hour session, receipt for personal record or insurance submission for reimbursement to you.

3rd Step:  MAKE APPOINTMENT TO SEE A NaProTECHNOLOGY doctor ( see doctor tab at top of page)

NaPro doctors like to see a patient for evaluation after 2 cycles or 60 days charted.  You may of course see one of these doctors for a consult and health review and physical exam to become a patient to facilitate issues which may surface during those 2 cycles as you are charting and beginning observations.   Dr. Thomas Hilgers, MD the founder of this whole system ( in videos below) also receives consults  

 {materials are kept contingent on attending follow up sessions.}
$40 in person,  $50 if mailed
Private or Group Intro Session outside Holy Cross hospital
and each Follow up session :
$60 per hour   by PayPal, Venmo, CashApp or check/ cash
Insurance reimbursement invoice provided.
              Please scroll down to TEPEYAC OB/GYN patients heading if you’re with TEPEYAC.
Call your insurance ( man or woman’s) and ask if  “family planning or birth control” is covered under your plan  OUT OF NETWORK,  or if only covered IN NETWORK   Inquire about both please.
  1. Ask if they cover OUT OF NETWORK , diagnosis code:   “instruction in NFP”  Z30.02 ( try Z30.09 if the Z30.02 isn’t accepted) and CPT codes 99404, 99403.  If not, ask if they would cover it IN network, and any requirements for that option. As well as how many sessions covered.
  2. Call/ email me: 301-512-7451,  if they don’t cover OUT OF NETWORK.  There are other options.
  3. Receipt provided for record keeping &/ or insurance reimbursement.
                                                               TEPEYAC OB/GYN PATIENTS
                                                               INSURANCE CoPay Coverage 
If  the woman is a patient with the Tepeyac Family Center OB/GYN, Fairfax, VA, you may be able to meet for the cost of a copay.  She would be a patient there, and we would  meet remotely or @ the Tepeyac Center, provided there are several other appointments scheduled the same day.
Process for billing to the Tepeyac Center:
  1. Call the woman’s insurance and ask if the doctors @ the Tepeyac Center are covered under your insurance ( only 1 doctor is needed to confirm coverage.)  Here’s the founding doctor:  Dr. John Bruchalski, OB/GYN. Dr. Lorna Cvetkovich is the doctor you’ll most likely see.  These doctors do accept all insurances except Tri-Care and Kaiser, unless it’s under Kaiser Select or a select plan in Tri-Care.  Call to confirm. I can put you in touch w/ families who have been covered under Tri-Care.
  2. Ask if they cover well woman care AND instruction in NFP : diagnosis code ” instruction in NFP”  Z30.02 and CPT codes 99404, 99403
  3. Print forms for New PatientPacket- non pregnant, at :   Click on:  PATIENT RESOURCES, then FORMS and send to them or drop by their office.  AS WELL:  send copy of your insurance card front and back, and ID, or again, visit to have them scan your cards into their system.
  4. contact Therese to schedule a time for an intro appt once this is done, to have either an initial consult call to review any of this, or to just begin to introduce you to materials and how to start charting.  Now, see 1st &2nd Step, above, for what’s next! Schedule your intro and 1st follow up!


Having used natural family planning methods, over the past 20 years through periods of infertility, breastfeeding through months of having no cycles, and regular cycles with confusing signs, I’ve loved the journey of learning about myself, and learning gratitude for the mentors who’ve taught me.   The struggles of loneliness, and tears of frustration with fertility signs seemingly popping up in surprising places on my chart have come my way.   They are gone now.    Gone are the loneliness and frustration.   The cycles with no sense have evened out.  But each couple or woman who presents with a lack of energy to chart, or with the deep desire to find out more of their body ‘s working brings such a sense of commaraderie and awareness of the present moment of that certain couple or woman I speak with.  Let’s find that niche of comfort with your fertility, and energy to get to the root of whatever you’re seeking!

Fertility Awareness & Family Planning

Holistic fertility awareness and normal vs. abnormal menstrual cycle awareness for use by teen girls through the menopause allows for comprehensive women’s health, and family planning for couples.   This is based on charting fertility signs.  Subfertility and infertility support are offered.  Enhance your fertility signs naturally can bring a sense of empowerment, too.

Women’s Health  or Mother / Daughter Program

Women, teens and girls receive education and counseling in a single, couple or parent/ daughter centered environment, private and tailored to her personal fertility signs.  Thorough and personalized fertility tracking for use in GYN care for testing and evaluation of underlying causes of painful or irritating symptoms within menstrual cycles. Risks identified for PCOS, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, low progesterone, unfulfilling sexual experiences, depression or rage patterns, even within part of a cycle, and more.  Information can be given to a personal physician or health care provider for cooperative hormone analysis and treatment.

Marriage Prep

Marriage Prep talks offered as well!  See our tab on marriage prep above!  Great article on LIVING TOGETHER BEFORE MARRIAGE!