Marriage Prep NFP


Welcome to the Marriage Prep program with Gaithersburg FertilityCare.  You’ll have the opportunity to learn about Natural Family Planning  &  God’s plan for family.  As a couple, you begin the seedling of a family!   A Natural Family Planning requirement for Marriage Prep can be fulfilled with the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System.  Intro Session & Essential follow up schedule at the Getting Started link & upcoming events at right.

Flexible scheduling days, evenings, weekends.

  • 4 sessions minimum  :  1 group or private informational Intro Session, and at least 3  private follow up instruction sessions ( of the normal 8 to complete a full year instruction)  Covers:  Comments on origin of NFP system, scientific foundations and research, anatomy & physiology of reproductive systems of men/ women/ and the couple, and how to start observing fertility signs, and charting daily, including finding the fertile days of a couple for joint decision making for family planning:   to avoid or achieve pregnancy;  and for women’s health evaluations and treatments with consulting doctors.
  • Total cost:  $220  ( if Intro done at Holy Cross Hospital location and materials picked up in person)  Further cost incurred if Intro privately arranged &/ or materials mailed.      See the GETTING STARTED page for details on insurance coverage!
    • Materials:  ($40) given at Intro Session ( contingent on attending 3 follow up sessions; refund given on request if program not completed)  further yearly cost for materials $8-15.
    • Follow up session: ($60 each), insurance often reimburses you.  See GETTING STARTED page for details.
  • View videos @ bottom of this page.
  • Read this article to discuss:  LIVING TOGETHER, WHY NOT?
  • CERTIFICATE or email confirmation provided on request with priest’s contact info & his requirement provided.  Gaithersburg FertilityCare™ Center collaborates with several priests’ requirements for the NFP portion of marriage prep. Ask your preparing priest what he is offering as requirement for his program. Contact us when ready to discuss your needs, or sign up for an Intro Session.


GREAT  LOCAL Marriage Prep Programs

1) Three To Get Married Marriage Preparation
2) Archdiocese of Washington’s own Marriage Prep programs.


Will give NFP informational talks , speaker requests or one on one consultations
Group of 10 couples or more:  $200 suggested donation.

Scholarships available on request, inquire within